The Juvenile Division handles all matters involving youths from 10 to 16 years old.

Among the cases the division handles are juvenile traffic tickets, Family in Need of Services matters, Child in Need of Care matters, delinquency matters (any matter that would be a crime if the youth were an adult) and juvenile drug court. The Juvenile Division also has a Pretrial Intervention Program which allow offenders who meet certain criteria to avoid appearance in juvenile court by fulfilling certain conditions. The Rapides Parish District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Division strives to ...

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A felony is any crime for which an offender may be sentenced to death or imprisonment at hard labor.

There are currently eight assistant district attorneys assigned to the Felony Division. They prosecute violent and nonviolent cases classified as offenses against the person, offenses against property, offenses affecting the family, offenses affecting public morals, offenses affecting the public generally and offenses affecting organized government. The District Attorney’s Office receives criminal reports of arrest and investigations from law enforcement agencies and decides whether to file formal criminal charges. In some instances, particularly when the crime is punishable ...

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In many, if not most, cases an individual's first and only brush with the criminal justice system will involve a misdemeanor offense.

Misdemeanors are any crimes for which the potential penalty is anything less than incarceration in a state operated correctional facility. Misdemeanor offenses cover a wide range of crimes, from shoplifting to assault to public disturbances to minor property crimes. The most common and most serious misdemeanor offenses involve impaired driving and domestic violence. It is the mission of the Rapides Parish District Attorney’s Office, Misdemeanor Division to carefully weigh the particular needs and circumstances of the individual ...

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The traffic department handles traffic citations issued by Louisiana State Police and the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office.

Our office receives around 2,500 tickets a month, or 30,000 tickets a year.

We welcome phone calls and walk-ins. We are here to assist, and understand that everyone makes mistakes.

Through the office’s Pretrial Intervention program, certain traffic violators can keep a moving violation off their driving record by completing the program.

Worthless Check

The Rapides Parish District Attorney's Office maintains a Worthless Checks Division to aid merchants in the recovery of monies lost due to receiving worthless checks at their place of business.

When a merchant has received checks which lack sufficient funds or are otherwise non-collectible, they may contact the District Attorney’s Office for help in the collection of this debt. The merchant should bring the improperly issued check and be prepared to fill out various claim forms. Click here to downoad Vendor's form.  The defendant will be arrested and charged with issuing worthless checks. The District Attorney’s Office will work with the defendant to set up a payment schedule ...

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Pretrial Intervention

While some offenders pose a risk to citizens, in certain cases the community is best served by giving a nonviolent offender an opportunity to avoid conviction and incarceration. That second chance comes through the Pretrial Intervention Program.

Eligible defendants have an opportunity to enroll in and complete the program as an alternative to being charge and adjudicated. Participation is voluntary and not conditioned on pleading guilty. When a defendant enters the program, they sign an agreement tailored to them and their situation. The agreements feature achievable goals and are structured to help the defendant avoid behavior likely to lead to future arrests. Conditions may include restitution and community service. Upon successful completion of the ...

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court locations

Courts are on the 4th and 6th floors of the Rapides Parish Courthouse



On June 15, 2017 Troherro Keith Batiste was found guilty by a Rapides Parish jury of Attempted Second Degree Murder, 2 counts of Aggravated Second Degree Battery and Second Degree Battery. At the request of counsel for defendant, Allen L. Smith, III, the court ordered a Presentence Investigation be conducted and set the sentencing hearing for August 14, 2017. Defendant’s mother, Brenda Batiste, spoke on behalf of her son. The court heard argument from both the State and defense. The Hon. Monique F. Rauls, Judge Ninth Judicial District Court, for reasons stated on the record, sentenced defendant as follows: Attempted Second Degree Murder, 35 years at hard labor with the Department of Corrections, for each of the 2 counts of Aggravated Second Degree Battery 15 years at hard labor with the Department of Corrections and Second Degree Battery 8 years at hard labor with the Department of Corrections. All sentences are to run concurrent, without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence and credit for time served. The case was prosecuted by Numa Metoyer and Cheryl Carter, Rapides Parish Assistant District Attorneys.


On July 26, 2017 a newly impaneled Grand Jury for the 9th Judicial District, Parish of Rapides, was sworn in to consider matters for the next 6 months. During their first session, the panel indicted Demetrice Montreal Welch for the offense of Second Degree Murder.


On Tuesday July 25, 2107 the Rapides Parish District Attorney’s Office was scheduled for trial in the matter entitled State versus Jeri Jerome Quinney on various felony charges. On the day of trial, Quinney elected to plead guilty instead. He pled to guilty and received sentences on each of the charges as follows: Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation (2 counts), one (1) year at hard labor with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections on each count; Second Degree Battery (1 count) eight (8) years at hard labor with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections; and Attempted First Degree Feticide (1 count) five (5) years at hard labor with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. All sentences are to run consecutive with each other for a total of fifteen (15) years at hard labor with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Mr. Numa Metoyer, Assistant District Attorney, prosecuted this case.


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