Victims Assistance

The Victims Assistance Program is designed to assist victims and families through the justice process by providing information, answering questions and helping with problems arising as a result of the crime.

Within 30 days, victims are contacted by a prosecutor, and kept informed throughout the case. Victims are informed of their rights, including the right to make a statement at sentencing and seek reparations. Staff answers any questions victims have about the judicial system and prepares them for what to expect in court. For those who need it, the program provides counseling referrals and assistance acquiring services such as food, medical care and shelter. If victims miss work ...

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Records Request

All public records requests should be addressed to the District Attorney’s designated public records custodian, Assistant District Attorney Thomas O. Wells, Rapides Parish District Attorney Office, P.O. Box 7358, Alexandria, Louisiana, 71306.

All requests should comply with statutory requirements found at LSA-R.S. 44:1. Requests not in compliance with the statute will be declined. The office of the District Attorney has a copying fee of $1.00/per copied page and $25.00/per disc.               NOTE:  Any payments made to the District Attorney’s Office for public records request must be made in the form of a money order. Cash or personal checks are not allowed.   Please be aware that the office ...

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Often a person applying for credit, a mortgage, or employment, will discover that a criminal defendant has the same name.

When it becomes necessary to legally distinguish a criminal from another person, the Office of the District Attorney can assist by issuing a Letter of Distinguishment. There is a $50 user service fee, payable by money order for this service. Note: we can only issue Letters of Distinguishment for the criminal cases our office has prosecuted. To obtain a Letter of Distinguishment, please contact our main office: Office of the District Attorney Attn: Distinguishments 701 Murray St., ...

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Child Support

The District Attorney’s office enforces child support orders of the Civil District Court and the Juvenile Court in Rapides Parish through its Child Support Enforcement Division.

The DA’s office and the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services perform support services through a cooperative endeavor agreement. Services are available for applicants who receive Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC); IV-E cases (foster care cases in which the child received or may have been eligible for AFDC when they were judicially removed from the home); and Medicaid (non-IV-E and non-AFDC cases). The same services are also available with a $25 fee to applicants ...

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Some first-time offenders may be eligible to have their criminal records expunged, or removed from the public record. This applies to both misdemeanor and felony arrests and, in some cases, convictions. The Rapides Parish Clerk of Court has information concerning this process on their website at

Meet Your District


You could say Phillip Terrell grew up in the Rapides Parish District Attorney’s Office. Terrell’s father, Jesse “Pete” Terrell, was

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District Attorney Phillip Terrell’s Office Convicts Eddie Ray Jackson in First Murder Trial Since Covid-19 Shut Down Jury Trials

Late Saturday afternoon, District Attorney Phillip Terrell’s office convicted Eddie Ray Jackson of killing James Melton in February 2017. A unanimous jury found the defendant guilty-as-charged of second degree murder and attempted armed robbery with a firearm. In response to the conviction, District Attorney Phillip Terrell stated, “This was a particularly brutal case perpetrated by a violent defendant who showed no remorse. I am happy that we were able to provide some much needed closure to the Melton family who stuck with our office throughout the prosecution of this case.” The case was prosecuted by Christopher Bowman and Johnny Giordano, Rapides Parish Assistant District Attorneys. The defendant will be sentenced on May 3rd. On that day, Judge Beard will give the defendant the automatic life sentence required by Louisiana law. Additionally, the defendant can receive a sentence of not less than 10 nor more than 54 and a half years on the Attempted Armed Robbery with a Firearm conviction.

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Personal Message from District Attorney Phillip Terrell To The Citizens Of Rapides Parish In this time of national emergency and uncertainty, I want to assure each of you that my office will remain open and operating and is here to assist each of you. If any of you or your family members should encounter: 1) Price gouging; 2) Financial scams; or 3) Any other fraudulent activity related to the COVID-19 crisis; I have set up our office email,, to serve as a hotline for you to report such activity. My office will immediately coordinate the appropriate response with the appropriate law enforcement agency be it Federal or State. Together as a community, and with God’s help, the good people of Rapides Parish will get through this. Please be courteous and respectful to everyone and let’s take care of each other. Fear Can Not Survive, Where Faith Exists. God Bless Phillip


District Attorney Phillip Terrell and his staff want the citizens of Rapides Parish to understand that during this crisis his office can be reached through following numbers: Main Office Number 318.473.6650 Main Office Fax Number 318.442.9276 IV-D Child Support Office 318.442.9200 IV-D Child Support Fax Number 318.442.9286 Victims Support Services 318.625.3392 Victim Support Services Fax Number 318.704.6077 The Office of the District Attorney can also be reached through our FaceBook Page at and our web site at


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